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Dave Burnette sends us this info for the Whitcomb 65-tonner:

Whitcomb, 3-1944 #60418
65-ton 600 or 650 hp
ex US Army 8412
bought by Washington & Old Dominion as their #54 in 3-1947 via the War Assets Administration.
sold 3-1952 to Nello L. Teer Co.

Apparently, the D&S tried it in service but weren't very impressed. Speed was not something that it was designed for.

Attached is a view of it in Rosslyn, Virginia on the W&OD on 4-15-1947. (Click on image for a larger view.)

I'm also attaching a view (sorry, the negative is in pretty bad shape.) of a similar engine, US Army Transportation Corps. #1243. It was refitted with extra protective plates front and rear, extra metal plating on the cab, and additional fans for cooling, as its initial usage was in North Africa. I think this view was taken after the engine was transferred to Italy (the negative was in with a group of other negatives all taken in Italy).

After the war, quite a few of this type of engine were purchased by various short lines and industrial lines. The Beaufort & Morehead had one as did the Franklin & Carolina. When the Franklin & Carolina was sold to the Atlantic Coast Line, I believe at least one of their Whitcombs was renumbered and used by the ACL for a while.

(Click on image for a larger view.)


Updated: March 8, 2010