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Customers Along the D&S 1973

MP2 Sci Chem Co. Tank cars
MP3 Lucky Strike Tobacco in, Cigarettes out
Shipped in 50 ft. DF Boxcars (Green Hornets)
MP 3.5 Giant Cement Bulk cement distributor, Truck out
Covered hoppers in 10 car lots
Few Marquett Cement Bulk cement, 1 or 2 car lots
Siding also used for overflow cars for Giant
Single car motor car barn on West side
MP 6 Durham Ready Mix Bulk cement, 2 or 4 car lots
Lowes Grove Cross tie and track materials storage yard
Genlee Triangle Brick Factory Storage yard, 40 ft. boxcars preferred
Upchurch Occasional gondola placed for scrap metal loading
MP 19.5
MP 20.2
Stock Builders Supply Inc.
Guy C. Lee Building Materials
Lumber, wallboard, fence posts, centerbeam flatcars, 1 or 2 car lots.
Apex SAL/SCL interchange
MP 22 Dixie Pipeline Propane, 50 ft. & larger tank cars
10 car filling racks, truck loading also
Holly Springs 4 car motor car shed, M of W yard
MP 33 Tobacco processor. Shipped tobacco in 50 ft. boxcars
Varina Norfolk & Southern interchange
Kennebeck Cement retailer Single cars bulk cement
Coats & Angier Almost nothing
Erwin Burlington Industries Boxcars of cloth in, jeans out.
Coal loads
MP 54.7 - Erwin Nello L Teer Co. 30 cars of builders sand per day
Dunn ACL/SCL interchange
Durham & Southern Shops
Milepost numbers are approximate.



Updated: March 8, 2010