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Baldwin Diesels 1200, 1201, 1202

What I would hope to see is have the remaining two Baldwins (or at least one) returned back to North Carolina. I think they could reside either at the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer or at New Hope Valley in Bonsal. The Durham & Southern is the Triangle's original shortline railroad connecting many Triangle towns.

At one time in the 80s or 90s, plans were drafted to truck them over the mountains and bring them to the NCTM. I now understand that they are still owned by Homer Gregory and Co. Inc.. Perhaps the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC or the New Hope Valley Railway in Bonsal, NC would take in one of these refugee D&S locomotives?

Update August 20, 2010: 1200, 1201 and 1202 have now been cut up, so this page is a moot point now.

Update July 28, 2010: Morehead & North Fork's 1202, a former Durham & Southern RS-12, was cut up for scrap today in Clearfield. KY. Reported on KentuckyRailfan list by Eric Thomas as reported to DSRy list by Warren Calloway.

Update June 23, 2008: Recently I received an e-mail from the Morehead and North Fork Railroad Historian saying that they are still owned by the original owners who bought them back in 1974, Homer Gregory and Co. Inc.

Here are some photos of the units in Clearfield, KY, courtesy of Morehead and North Fork Railroad Historian:

More photos of them here:



Updated: August 20, 2010