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<<The biggest "bridge traffic" on the D&S was coal received off the N&W in Durham. It was destined for the CP&L Moncure power plant at Brickhaven. This coal traffic was interchanged with the Norfolk Southern Ry at Fuquay Varina. NS took it to Brickhaven. This traffic largely dried up after Southern acquired the NS 1/1/74. SR began routing it over the NC line to Raleigh, thence down the former NS to Brickhaven, cutting out the D&S.>>

This is very true, but there was also more bridge traffic, especially prior to the SCL merger in 1967. Prior to the merger, D&S carried lots of bridge traffic east of Apex, much destined to ACL in Dunn. Also coal traffic went to other CP&L plants as well. In a rather complicated routing, coal from N&W in Durham was carried to Apex and given to SAL (later SCL) for the CP&L plants in Lumberton and Wilmington. SAL (SCL) handled it to Aberdeen where it as turned over to Aberdeen & Rockfish to Raeford. Here it was handed over to Laurinburg & Southern. L&S hauled the coal to Laurinburg, where it was given back to SAL (SCL). This routing was two fold, giving some of the line haul to the three shorelines, and second, bypassing the Hamlet yard, and saving a day or two on the routing.