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In a message dated 11/24/99, 12:57:39 PM, writes: <The entire rolling stock inventory of the D&S consisted of 50 hoppers & 1 flat car (MOW, usually parked in Dunn with a crane on its back). Oh, yeah - 2 cabeese, X84 with a weird windmill thingy on the roof. I don't know how much interest would be shown to such a small shortline by the manufacturers; it seems to me that the decal route would be the way to go to get these cars on your line. Most of the 50 cars wound up (eventually) being pulled behind Seaboard System & CSX engines, so they are legitimate "modern-era" rolling stock. I could see springing for a decal set or 3, should anyone choose to make them...>>

Correction, there were three cabeese-X83 and X84 had the windmills to generate electricity for the caboose lights, and X85, which was a former SAL caboose. Flat cat was numbered 101, I think, if my memory has not failed me. The flat car, 101 was a boom car for the D&S crane.