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All of the discussion lately about the Durham and Southern Rwy has me going through my notes, articles, and paper collection, dealing with this North Carolina gem. Below is a list of some of the articles I have dealing with this road, the first of which, made the D&S one of my favorites back in 1974 !

RAILROAD MODELER - OCT 1974 - by Ernest Robl A nice 11 page article with a breif history, lots of photos, and a track diagram for the Apex, NC interchange with the SAL/SCL.

THE SHORT LINE - Vol.6, #6 Nov/Dec 1978 - 3 stories and authors: The "Bull Durham" Road by GM McDonald -2 pages. Durham & Southern Locomotives by Mac Connery- 3 1/2 pages. Four Days of D&S Steam by William F. Gale - 2 1/2 pages. Overall, history, photos, maps, rosters, and train sheets.

DIESEL ERA - July/August 1990 - by Warren Calloway A 12 page feature with maps, rosters, photos, and history.

MAINLINE MODELER - October 1990- by Warren Calloway Painting and Lettering Guide for the GP38-2's. Text, photos, and lettering placement drawing.

RAILFAN & RAILROAD - April 1995 - by John F. Sullivan A 6 page feature with lots of action photographs, map, and diesel roster.

APPLICATION OF GENERAL MOTORS DIESEL MOTIVE POWER ON THE DURHAM AND SOUTHERN RAILWAY COMPANY - June 1953 This is a 21 page report by EMD on what is needed to dieselize the all steam D&S Rwy in 1953. Of course, we all know that they chose Baldwin RS-12's instead of EMD. EMD proposed two SW9 locomotives to be based out of Apex, NC, and included drawings of an engine house to be built at Apex, and estimates for fuel, tools, and spare parts.

Hope this is of some help to the D&S fans!

Russell Underwood